Massachusetts Anti-Slavery and Anti-Segregation Petitions; Senate Unpassed Legislation 1812, Docket 4522, SC1/series 231. Massachusetts Archives. Boston, Mass.

Massachusetts Archives; Digitized by Harvard Library

Original Record

To the Hon[orable] Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled, the petition of the Subscribers, citizens of Boston, humbly represents, that the blessing s of education have been extended to the children of themselves and other people of color in this town, but not in general a manner as is believed to be practicable;

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About Smith Court Stories

This online digital classroom is a collaborative project of the Museum of African American History and Boston African American National Historic Site – a unit of the National Parks of Boston.

Smith Court Stories relates a digitally curated collection of archival documents and archaeological artifacts to lived experiences of African Americans in 19th century Boston. Two historic structures in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood formed the center of this community: The African Meeting House and the Abiel Smith School. The 1806  African Meeting House is the oldest extant black church in the United States of America, and the neighboring 1835 Abiel Smith School is one of the first public school buildings for African American children in the country. Both of these buildings, situated on Smith Court, served as the epicenter for a free black community that led the nation in the fight against slavery and injustice. Smith Court stories will help foster a deeper understanding of the African American experience in 19th century Boston and connect the past with students’ lived experiences.